Miria and other telnet bot attempts.

So today i was playing with a telnet honeypot by rob graham.

I thought i would make a docker container and see how many hits i can get…. to say the least i got a good few and the joys is it logs IP’s and Passwords used.

Telnet Honeypot


3500/24 123
3500/24 admin
3500/24 h179350
3500/24 pass
3500/24 user
666666 666666
666666 enable
adfexc adfexc
admin 0
admin 0000
admin 1111
admin 111111
admin 1111111
admin 1234
admin 12345
admin 123456
admin 1234567890
admin 2222
admin 22222
admin 263297
admin 362729
admin 4321
admin 54321
Admin 5up
admin 7ujMko0admin
admin abc123
Admin Admin
admin admin123
admin admin1234
admin Administrator
admin adslolitec
admin Ait
admin BGCVDSL2
admin cat1029
admin changeme
admin cisco
admin comcast
admin D-Link
admin default
admin diamond
admin dreambox
admin enable
admin extendnet
admin flvbyctnb
admin guest
admin gvt12345
admin ipcam_rt5350
admin kont2004
admin login
admin manager
admin meinsm
admin netgear
admin OCS
admin pass
admin password
admin pi
admin radius
admin radmin
admin raspberry
admin rombik1
admin root
admin service
admin smcadmin
admin support
admin synnet
admin telnet
admin test
admin toor
admin ubnt
admin user
admin vagrant
admin vertex25ektks123
admin vizxv
admin VTech
admin Win1doW$
admin zhongxing
Admin \x01$-).
admin1 enable
admin1 password
administrator 1234
Administrator 3ware
Administrator admin
Administrator enable
Administrator meinsm
Administrator password
Administrator smcadmin
cisco 1234
cisco 12345
cisco 123456
cisco admin
cisco Administrator
cisco changeme
cisco cisco
cisco comcast
cisco default
cisco guest
cisco login
cisco netgear
cisco pass
cisco password
cisco root
cisco support
cisco telnet
cisco toor
cisco ubnt
cisco user
cisco vizxv
client client
default antslq
ftp ftp
Glo Glo
guest 1111
guest 1234
guest 12345
guest 123456
guest admin
guest Administrator
guest changeme
guest cisco
guest comcast
guest D-Link
guest default
guest dreambox
guest enable
guest friend
guest guest
guest login
guest manager
guest netgear
guest pass
guest password
guest pi
guest raspberry
guest root
guest support
guest telnet
guest test
guest toor
guest ubnt
guest user
guest vagrant
guest vizxv
guest VTech
login 1234
login 12345
login 123456
login admin
login Administrator
login changeme
login cisco
login comcast
login D-Link
login default
login dreambox
login guest
login login
login manager
login netgear
login pass
login password
login pi
login raspberry
login root
login support
login telnet
login test
login toor
login ubnt
login user
login vagrant
login vizxv
login VTech
manager admin
mg3500 merlin
mlusr mlusr
mother enable
mother fucker
mt7109 wimax
mtcl mtcl
netgear 1234
netgear 12345
netgear 123456
netgear admin
netgear Administrator
netgear changeme
netgear cisco
netgear comcast
netgear D-Link
netgear default
netgear dreambox
netgear guest
netgear login
netgear manager
netgear netgear
netgear password
netgear pi
netgear raspberry
netgear root
netgear support
netgear telnet
netgear test
netgear ubnt
netgear user
netgear vagrant
netgear VTech
nms nmspw
root !root
root 0
root 00000
root 000000
root 1
root 1001chin
root 1111
root 12
root 1234
root 12345
root 123456
root 12345678
root 1234567890
root 1234qwer
root 22222222
root 33
root 333333
root 3ep5w2u
root 54321
root 5up
root 666666
root 7ujMko0admin
root 7ujMko0vizxv
root 888888
root admin
root Administrator
root anko
root antslq
root aquario
root changeme
root cisco
root cms500
root comcast
root D-Link
root davox
root default
root dreambox
root enable
root fivranne
root GM8182
root guest
root hi3518
root hunt5759
root ikwb
root inflection
root ivdev
root juantech
root jvbzd
root klv123
root klv1234
root login
root manager
root netgear
root oracle
root pass
root password
root permit
root pi
root public
root raspberry
root realtek
root root
root root123
root support
root t0talc0ntr0l4!
root telnet
root test
root tiger
root toor
root tslinux
root ubnt
root user
root vagrant
root vizxv
root VTech
root W!n0&oO7.
root Win1doW$
root xc3511
root xmhdipc
root zlxx.
service enable
service service
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20AUFYP
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20BIIZB
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20BJJNM
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20BQKXX
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20CFRXQ
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20CJLJX
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20CSMKU
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20CZPTY
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20DLXEY
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20ECJEF
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20FMKYG
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20GDYUU
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20GENBN
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20GMKBB
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20GNWIO
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20GSXUD
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20HEXGQ
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20IGFSF
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20JBCLT
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20JHPAA
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20JUQLS
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20JZIBT
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20KFLNW
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20KFRZA
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20KONYB
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20KTMVR
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20MEVMR
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20MHAOO
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20MXBOP
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20NDBQU
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20NHGOU
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20NWXHM
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20OEMVX
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20OIQAF
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20OJICY
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20OYCUN
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20OYNCX
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20QHCYH
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20QSAOH
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20RQJBT
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20SBBPK
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20SFQBQ
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20SGYBM
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20SIOVX
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20SPIZJ
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20SSQHP
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20SVOEY
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20TGMLN
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20TIBAL
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20TORUS
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20TWZJB
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20UNXQM
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20UVZAM
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20VTAGR
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20VVZLU
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20WAUYF
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20WCRYI
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20WOLRM
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20WSBKE
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20XBCFN
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20XBWTJ
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20XHREU
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20YBYMO
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20YWESG
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20ZLNJX
sh cat\x20/proc/mounts;\x20/bin/busybox\x20ZTIQO
smc smcadmin
super 5777364
super asong
super super
superadmin [email protected]
superuser admin
supervisor enable
supervisor supervisor
support 1234
support 12345
support 123456
support admin
support Administrator
support changeme
support cisco
support comcast
support D-Link
support default
support dreambox
support enable
support guest
support login
support manager
support netgear
support pass
support password
support pi
support raspberry
support root
support support
support telnet
support test
support toor
support ubnt
support user
support vagrant
support vizxv
support VTech
sysadm sysadm
sysadmin password
system shell
tech enable
tech tech
telecomadmin nE7jA%5m
telnet telnet
test test
ubnt ubnt
user 1234
user 12345
user 123456
user admin
user Administrator
user changeme
user cisco
user comcast
user D-Link
user default
user dreambox
user guest
user login
user manager
user netgear
user pass
user password
user pi
user pu
user raspberry
user root
user support
user telnet
user test
user toor
user ubnt
user user
user vagrant
user vizxv
user VTech

The IP’s that attacked my honey pot